United States of William (USWM)

09 September 2023 - Reflection on Yesterday

At this time 02:05, the 9th of September 2023, meditating on the fact that the company I have basically given my life to since Barack Obama was the President gave zero fucks about my giving notice. The thousands of hours I worked off the clock that I was never appreciated for, the countless nights I ran on almost no sleep because either I closed one day and had to open the next, or was the only lucky guy to be in the department working because everyone is on vacation. The way I was asked to help with inventory one month and work overnights and somehow got sucked into doing so every month thereafter for the past five years. I've lost count the amount of bosses it was ago, but it was Dylan who once told me that in retail you really become a victim of your own success. The more you know, the more every place you work is going to exploit the shit out of you. I wasn't trying to hear it at the time because I was green. Now I've long accepted that you just need to know that is the score when you're walking in the door. Nobody cares about you, nobody ever will. Nobody cares about your stupid little problems in your department and nobody is sending help. It's all on you. I have been at that store since before it was open to the public, and they're just letting me fucking go like some fucking summer help. There is an army of customers who look to the meat department when they walk in the front door, and I know that's to see if I'm working or not. I've got customer service perfected down to a mother fucking science. It is the direct end result of being locked up in the back of the house in kitchens my entire life, and in some instances, told to stay away from the customers.

But it is exactly like I have been telling everyone this entire time. They don't give a fuck about any single one of us.