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Eight months later

8 months later

The second of May marked my six-months of being at my new post. This would also mark the near nine-month period of time that I have been gone from my last post at Meijer. These people I worked with at that store for eight years, these people who called me "brother" and others who gave me hugs before they left for the day. Not a single one of these "brothers or sisters" have reached out to me since I have left. This really helps put into perspective the type of relationships I really had with these people.

There is something so fundamentally flawed with the way society operates nowadays. When I'm out on my bike I don't even bother saying hello to people I pass or wave to anybody. Nobody wants to respond. Everyone is in their own world. Behind their AirPods, hiding from the engagement with others. All the while, simultaneously low-key not okay with how lonely they are as humans.

It's just so sad. :\

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