United States of William (USWM)

Eight Years Down the Drain

Woke up to notifications from Find My Device that my AirPods were missing, glorious start to the day.1 When I went into work, the boys had basically everything already done. Nobody said anything to me. When I asked them work-related things, it was all one-word answers and looking at the floor. I basically stood around for the entire day waiting to leave. I was absolutely livid by the time I had left for the day. I came home and then walked around the part of town where Find My Device said my AirPods were. They were not there. Shocker. Still fuming about work, literally with heat coming from my being, I went back into work to talk to one of the bosses because I knew they were just pacing around the store waiting to leave. I told him that I was not going to be able to do what I did today for 13 more days. The boys have made it very clear that they don't have a use for me anymore, and so I didn't really see a point of staying. He just stood there with a blank look on his face. I extended my hand and shook his hand. I looked him in the eye and told him that I had respect for him as a person. Finally he said that my leaving the store will be a great loss for them. That's it. Simple words that are easy to say. Not a single hint of "is there anything I could do to make you stay" or anything like that. I honestly thought he would call me as I was walking away, but he did not. I'm just shocked how little I mean to all of them. I really am delusional, aren't I? The Meat Brotherhood is no more.

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