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from Restaurant Regrets to a New Opportunity

The job in Oconomowoc did not work out the way I had thought it would. It ended before it started, literally. I didn't make it thru training. It ended up being a wage discrepancy that had a lot of bureacracy attached to it's solution, which I wasn't interested in sticking around for. I walked around for almost two weeks second-guessing everything in the world I have ever known to be true. By way of a conversation at a family get-together, I heard the owner of a restaurant close to home was going thru hard times. I reached out to them because I knew them personally by way of my time as a meat cutter. I ended deciding to take up work with him because he agreed to play nice with my passion for photography and to be honest, his passion is his restaurant so the way I saw it we were both doing each other a solid.

However, my first day at the restaurant, when that first order came thru I forgot how much I disliked the restaurant business. Everything about it. But what's most pressing for me is the idle-time. When there is nothing else to do and you're just standing around. I can't stand around with my leg the state it is in. But I didn't want to screw this guy over so I told myself that I would have to make it work. But then all the other stuff about the restaurant life came in. The public, a different version of the public that is at a grocery store. At the store they know they gotta go home and cook yet, but at the restaurant it's a different type of animal. Then there is the general mindset of your average kitchen employee. Sports. Movies. That sort of thing. I don't get and never will.

Today I go into work and there is a missed call eight minutes after I arrive. A voicemail translated by iOS magic says it's Woodman's in Waukesha calling back about my interview. We're slow as hell at the restaurant. I'm pacing. Justin cuts me loose at 14:30 says come back at 17:00 and close out the night with us. Ok I'm gone. I called Woodman's back and set up and interview at the first open slot which is tomorrow morning at 10:00AM. I'm supposed to be at the restaurant at 11 tomorrow. I don't know what to do but I do know that I'm going to the interview. The hours wont be great, the pay wont be either. But the work will be steady and I can assume I would be in much more motion than I would be at a restaurant.

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