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2024-04-02 Header

As stated late last night, here is the new address for the blog that will be staked in photography: iamwill.ing

I will post about photography items here, and do so more expansively, as I have decided to use Bear for this idea, and despite how cool and nifty a lot of the tools are on omg.lol, the blogging aspect of the service leaves a lot to be desired. I am uncertain they plan to expand on the service much as omg.lol tries to wear a lot of hats at once, but regardless, it is not stable enough to link to in confidence on places like my business card for William Parker Photography or something like that. It doesn’t look good when your recent visitors to your blog see a 404 page, even if it’s just a hiccup. That is not to say anything terrible about them either, they are up to wonderful things over there in Kentucky.

Bear Blog has proven time and time again and it is a solid solution when it comes to pure text blogging and taking all the unnecessary things away that make the act of blogging not fun anymore. Markdown, simple images. What more can a person ask for?

So come check us out over at IAmWill.ing to stay up to date on my photographic adventures!

DISCLAIMER: Ran this post thru spell-check with ProWritingAid to clean up my sloppy grammar, and I gave DALL-E 3 the body of text of this article to generate the image attached to the article. DETAILS

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