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For the past several weeks, I have been trying to make Apple Reminders my new default “getting things done” solution. It has a lot of things going for it, namely it’s simplicity, and the integration with Siri is second-to-none. Especially when you have Siri set to respond simply to “Siri”. “Siri, remember coffee” It is so easy. The smart grocery list was annoying at first, but I got used to it rather quickly.

Getting things ready and being prepped is only half of the battle. I could not have given the app enough time, but when it came to boots on the ground in the grocery store, my mind was calling for the elegant layout that Todoist provides for me. There is more “work” you have to put in to get things all perfect, but when that work is done the walking thru the store part of the process is an absolute breeze.

It is for this reason that I do not think I will part ways with Todoist yet. I am in love with the application, and have been for years. I do not know why I am picking on it. Everything about it is second nature to me, but I realized I pay money to people to remind me to pay money to people. I thought I would free up that cash for photographic efforts. Todoist is not all that expensive, and perhaps if I was 100% an Apple user I could buckle down and make Reminders work for me.

So as it stands right now, my feet are going to remain firmly planted in the Todoist camp. My renewal is not until November, but that has why I started the transition so early, so by November I would be really ready to make the switch. Perhaps this is all for a reason. There are always great things popping out of the Todoist camp at seemingly every turn. The Calendar thing they are rolling out is REALLY nice and I could see myself getting very used to that type of system. Anyway, enough gabbing on about to-do list applications.

Sometimes when I think about my Grandmothers “Lil Chunky” notebook1 she had in the console of her car, which was a commonplace book, a to-do list and a general reference guide to her goings on. Those people that made those analog systems work for them are so intriguing to me so very much.

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  1. ADDENDUM: It may have actually been a FAT LIL' NOTEBOOK 🤔