United States of William (USWM)

on Maintaining Streaks


You know what our grandparents never did? Beat their chest, telling their friends and coworkers how long their streak is in DayOne or Habitify. They did things and did so routinely with no expected praise, like, comment or heart.

I’ve often wondered if the act of adding an app somewhere in your workflow instead of just getting after it is enough of a hurdle to make a person rework their hard-wiring to where they will need to rely on these tools in order to function. That is to say someone who sees a task in a todo app that isn’t tagged or with a set priority looks at the exact same task that is tagged and prioritized with higher value.

We have changed to make things about how we operate on our day-to-day lives that have now made us rely on things like artificial intelligence in order to things we did with ease just a few short years ago. Have we not stuck our own stick in our bike wheel whilst pedaling?