United States of William (USWM)

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United States of William (USWM)

I appreciate the updates that I get from PetaPixel and other photography blogs on the internet, but I am not sure why. I think because I do not have any real life photographer friends whom I can hop into the car and drive to their house and “chew the fat” regarding photography with, and so the blog headlines and clickable links makes me feel like I am not the only person in the world who still takes pictures.

But the overwhelming sense I get from these blogs is that I do not belong in this space. There is a lot of money being spent in this arena and I feel like a lot of these more prominent people like to play into that. It is very discouraging and I feel like it has no place in art.

Anybody can take a photograph that stirs up emotions. It takes a moment of honesty and concentration, but there is nothing set in place to prevent anyone from doing it. It is what distinguishes a photograph from all those photos in our Photos app on our iPhone. We should not be pushing people out, we should be inviting as many people in as possible. Sharing the things we know so everyone around us can make everything else in the world beautiful. It takes a little effort, but after a bit of sustainability that effort becomes second nature.