United States of William (USWM)

Rebranding over Consistency

All week I have been kicking around the idea of nuking all the posts on USWM and coming up with some new "format" and starting anew. But what would be the purpose of doing this? I'm not going to formulate some new format, be inspired by it, not to mention, stick to it. Arriving at an alarming rate is that delicate and slippery slope in your miserable little existence where starting habits and sticking to them is falling victim to the rising power of being 'set in your ways'. I guess as soon as you stop complaining about the "generation before me" perhaps we should all be looking in the mirror. Because here I am now, in the middle of conversations with people who are talking about the generation coming into the workforce now are going to be the downfall of society. There are times when I see people glued to their mobile devices like a zombie in public that I think perhaps the future is completely fucked - but at the same time I had actual human fingers pointed at my face right between my eyes with a screaming adult attached to said fingers tell me that my generation was going to be the downfall of civilization as we knew it. Well believe me, I hurt in all those same places that person did at that time, and I earned that from miles on a road I was told I wouldn't be able to handle traveling on. I'm sure the kids coming up will be fine. They'll get to live to see flying cars being advertised on social media and have friends who post selfies whilst flying to school. They'll spend the middle of their lives curious as hell about why the generation before it wasted so much of their time doing pointless shit. Yet, their grandchildren will say the same of them. Everything is just one big cycle, and everything repeats itself.

So there is no point in deleting all the posts here. My life isn't all that interesting, but perhaps I can just meditate on that and find peace in it somehow.


Meanwhile on the Computer

Had issues starting around the middle of September of last year with parcellite, my clipboard manager. Ended up finally giving CopyQ, one of it's most popular competitors a shot, and boy am I glad I did. Tabs, Tags, you can just invoke it and start typing something you know it on the clipboard and there it is, all sorts of great things. It also retains images over time. After restarts. It's nuts. I slept on that application for way to long!

Long gave up on music thru Strawberry so I could be scrobbling it. I don't care anymore. I just don't. Back to using mpv over the command line with Tilda. So it's a quick tap of F1 and a terminal is overlaying my screen. Invoke any number of SomaFM's channels, invoke a YouTube playlist. Whatever it is, and get back to work. Tilda goes away as soon as she looses focus. She acts like a lot of people I know. The big discovery here since coming back was the ability to listen to Bandcamp URLs with mpv over the command line. It's just awesome. Nothing beats SomaFM this way tho because when you want to snag a track title of a song that was on, or just on, when you invoke Tilda again you're presented with the song history. This is extra nice for me because I've been putting together sort of a "Greatest Hits" of some of my favorite channels on SomaFM.

These links are links by way of omg.lol's PURL service, which I attached to a domain I bought in November, wmp3.link. It was incredibly cheap, I assume because I have the number 3 in it. Either way, I set this up so I can basically share links with people that I can actually memorize and tell people in the real world without having to look it up.

In other news, the Darkroom lights haven't been on too much lately. I seemed to have plateaued on my ability to wrap my head around some of the deeper more intense elements of not just Darktable but of post-production itself. I'm just fucking stupid. I should just stick to my straight from camera JPGs and be done with the shit, but I'm such a glutton for punishment, I insist to shoot RAW+JPG and look at the JPGs and compare them to my shit edits and then justify my self-loathing for sucking at everything I attempt to do that isn't just go to work and be someone else's bitch which brings a person to sit down and start writing a post like this in the first place.

We gotta do this all again tomorrow, and I work early, goodnight!

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