United States of William (USWM)


I have been trying to 'embrace' the ideas of stoicism a lot more lately. Very hesitant to even speak about this because I am just a working-class citizen and don't have any formal education in any of this. But I have read some of these books (some of them by way of audio the first time because it was too intense for my small mind) just as much as the next guy can and so many of these ideas make sense in todays hurry-up world. Things like Amore Fati - loving ones fate. I have been saying the word in my mind throughout the day to pepper in reminders that it's all good - and be honest it does do a bit of magic.

It gets so tiring being on low-vibration all the time. It really pushes hard up against the walls of photographic creativity and instead of rolling over and exposing my soft white underbelly to the afflictions that embrace me — there must be a time where you start to push back. And push back in such a way where it's actually pushing back, not making fucking blog posts about doing it and then going right back to the same old shit.

Disclaimer: No spelling/grammar checks. I typed this post here and clicked 'publish'.